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About the LDTI MOLO (redirected from About this Massive Online Learning Opportunity (MOLO))

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Adventures in Learning Design, Technology & Innovation (#LDTIMOLO)

Note that this is the content from my MOLO that will run in Fall 2014. Tweet me if you want to be added to the invite list for fall. 



In this massive online learning opportunity (MOLO), we will explore concepts related to learning design, technology and innovation. In the format of a fun 5-week adventure, we will strive to develop a practical and experiential understanding of pedagogy, learning theory, learning design with technology, and innovation.

For much more about this MOLO, see #LDTIMOLO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) (Links to an external site.).


Interacting in this MOLO

With our massive online learning opportunity (MOLO), we have the capacity to use social networking. If you choose to use social networking tools to share your work, please use our hashtag #LDTIMOLO. 

I have added an FAQs and Help Forum, where I provide strategies for us to get or give help. Here are some places we might find each other:


Weekly Adventures and Learning Outcomes 

Weeks      Adventures (Modules) Learning Outcomes
  1. Get Started with Canvas
  2. Resources - Provided to support Clarity and Communication :)
  • Use resources, about Canvas and this MOLO, to attain clarity for learner/adventurer success.
  • Interact, via resources and discussions, to support individual and community communication and collaboration.
  • Access and participate in FAQs and Help Forum.
Week 1 Adventure 1: Introductions and Strategies for Success
  1. Interact with your facilitator via #LDTIMOLO Hangout for Week 1 for course orientation and an introduction to Adventure 1.
  2. Interact via Introductions and Sharing Your Avatar or Superhero Identity to support the development of a learning and knowledge building community. 
  3. Set up for success, includes developing your PLNs, PLEs, eLearning Toolkit, etc.
  4. Participate in activities for Increasing Opportunities for Success!
Week 2 Adventure 2: Practice Guilds and Quests
  1. Join a Guild as soon as possible. Participation numbers in our MOLO are manageable. We can use Google Docs to create guilds and then I'll set up your Canvas groups so that you have Canvas group tools if your guild wants to use them. Here are the Google Documents for joining a group. I will be tracking this and make adjustments as needed. 
  • #LDTIMOLO Guilds Set 1 (Links to an external site.) - start here, if the document fills or it's got too many to edit, move to the next. I don't think this will be a problem, but better to be prepared.
  • #LDTIMOLO Guilds Set 2 (Links to an external site.)
  • #LDTIMOLO Guilds Set 3 (Links to an external site.)
  • Interact with your facilitator and your colleagues via #LDTIMOLO Hangout For Week 2 (September 16, 5:00 7:00pm MT) for a look back at Adventure 1, and preview and support for Adventure 2.
  • Review the Strategies for Guilds and Quests resource. This resource is posted using the discussion tool so you can add your ideas and strategies.
  • Develop your Guilds! Collaborate to Complete a Guilds and Quests Agreement.
  • Choose, Complete, and Share Your Quests. These Quests are activities that I have developed to support development of collaboration skills, PLN/PLE development as well as basic digital literacy. 
  • Engage in Adventure 2 Reflection.
  • Do the Quest Quad +1 to Level Up!
Week 3

Adventure 3: Gather Your Tools of the Trade

  1. Interact with your facilitator and your colleagues via #LDTIMOLO Hangout for Week 3 for a look back at Adventure 2, and an introduction to Adventure 3.
  2. Research and interact, via discussion, to understand The Basic Rules of the Game! In other words, you need the concepts and vocabulary of learning/instructional design.
  3. Produce a media/multimedia creation to answer the question, What does a Learning Designer aka Instructional Designer Do?
  4. Engage in reflection for Adventure 3 Reflection.
Week 4  Adventure 4: Choose Your LDTI QUESTS!
  1. Interact with your facilitator and your colleagues via #LDTIMOLO Hangout for Week 4 for a look back at Adventure 2, and an introduction to Adventure 3.
  2. Research, curate, and collaborate, via Quests, to learn more about current learning models, including, Online Models, Blended/Hybrid Models, Game-Based Learning and Gamification Models, and Critical Pedagogy and Technology aka Hybrid Pedagogy Models.
Week 5 Adventure 5: LDTI Mashup Machine and Planning for Your Future...
  1. Interact with your facilitator and your colleagues via #LDTIMOLO Hangout for Week 5 for a look back at Adventure 4, and an introduction to Adventure 5.
  2. Develop and create for your learning design needs using The LDTI Mashup Mashine.
  3. Reflect for Reflection of Our Awesome Adventures
  4. If desired, Participate in the Research About Our MOLO :)


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